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bonsaii© is the flagship brand of specialty retail stores of Pune based Suyash Mart Pvt. Ltd. Bonsaii operates in the organized retail environment in upmarket high street and malls. Bonsaii are a part of lifestyle retail specializing in the KIDS segment.

bonsaii© means a small sized tree which is ripe in age. These days, kids are also small in size, but their demands and expectations are so huge that catering to the same has become a huge industry.

This retail business was not born because of any formal market survey. As a consumer, bonsaii were dissatisfied with the existing stores which sold products related to kids. There are garment stores, toy stores, stationery stores, stores selling birthday products or footwear stores. No store was a one stop shop catering to all the items related to kids. A customer used to roam around all such shops for shopping lugging their kids around. To address this gap, the speciality store for kids came into existence.

Bonsaii is a super speciality store for Kids 0-14 years. Currently, Bonsaii has an 8000 sq. ft. store in Pune, 6500 sq. ft. store in Nagpur and 6500 sq. ft. store in Hyderabad. Bonsaii intends to become a national chain of stores going ahead. Bonsaii's endeavor is to make a child independent of his parents and provide him with a pleasant shopping experience. Bonsaii's efforts aim at making the kid so happy that he insists his parents to take him to bonsaii©

Bonsaii houses the following categories of products : Toys for 0-14 yrs Kids, Back to school products, Birthday decoration products and return Gifts , Books and Cd’s, Apparels for kids, New Born Hard and Soft Accessories, Bicycles, Tricycles and Electric Ride Ons, Kids Footwear, Hair Accessories and Jewellery for Kids.

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