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All Calonge stores in India. All offers, deals, discounts, promotions, events, sales at Calonge. Once in a great while comes along an original idea that leaves the fashion world breathless with excitement. A style that's stunning in its simplicity, singular in its sophistication. Hand braided leather is the ultimate icon for the post-modern age, effortlessly counter-pointing the magic of hand crafted design against the mass market monotony found everywhere else. Recognized by cognoscenti as the ultimate in panache, woven leather accessories are much sought after in all the fashion capitals. Now, Calonge brings the genius of hand crafted leather to your world. In Good Hands. Timeless traditions of leather braiding Named after the beautiful city near Palma de Mallorca, Calonge is home to the art of hand braiding; and its venerable traditions are preserved and practiced here with true 'lan. Perfection cannot be hurried. It takes days for a skilled artisan to hand braid and produce a single finished piece! Highly skilled crafts-women hand braids the leather laces on a mould a complex process that takes years to master. The inside is lined with raw silk (nothing less will do!) and the piece is ready for final hand polishing. Vegetable dye embedded in the leather now takes on a high gloss and another hand braided master piece is born! Calonge. Style beyond fashion Nothing else is as coveted in the fashion world. Because nothing else is crafted with such precise care. Calonge. Is the first name, and the last world, in hand braided leather accessories. Calonge. Style beyond fashion Named after beautiful city near Palma de Mallorca in Spain. For its Spanish precedents. Calonge is carving its own top-notch niche in leather luxury. With an ever-increasing market. It is beyond doubt that hand braided leather is fast becoming an icon of style and class. It is simple and yet sophisticated, drawing immense attention in trend setting cliques across the fashion arena, effortlessly counterpointing the magic of handcrafted leather against the monotony of mass production. Forged from Spanish designs, Indian mastery of handcraft an in-season colors and tastes from the fashion capitals of Europe. Calonge has become an icon in leather accessories, with the distinct sophistication of being entirely handcrafted. Calonge prides itself for being more than a product. The average woman, for instance, carries a bag. Customers at Calonge carry works of art. Today, Calonge is carving its own talk-notch niche in leather luxury. Far removed from the synthetic homogenious ennui, all Calonge accessories are intricately woven by hand from the highest quality goat hide.

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