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THE DuaVivo STORY :Often stayed back home. Seldom spotted at parties. Never made it to extravagant weddings. Hardly stepped out during elite get-togethers. Mostly missed the opportunity of being a conversation stater. Lived, and continues to live the life of seclusion. The story of every luxury good in most homes, including yours. Welcome to DuaVivo - a brand whose intentions lie in its meaning; a second life. Started with an idea of making the best of a luxurious repository without hurting any sentiments, DuaVivo today has become a platform that connects buyers and sellers of luxury goods, with neither losing a bit, but gaining a lot. A community where elite minds, like you, come together to BUY, SELL & SWAP luxury products. To be part of an elite community, get a DuaVivo membership today. It’s time you enjoyed our Value Added Services and a host of benefits. Welcome to a community that’s second to none.

WHY DuaVivo

Indulging in luxury goods should come with the luxury of choice as well. Only at DuaVivo can you pick from three unique formats to buy and sell your pre-loved goods.

Dua Store: Sell it as a consignment (through us). Dua Direct: Go for the direct selling route (by listing through a very simple format) . Dua Swap: If you’d like to bring home something in return for what you sell, swap it with a buyer.

Excited? Well, there’s more. Every item sold as a consignment is authenticated by our US partners, spa cleaned for a fresh look, and delivered to the buyer. Authentication is a paid service for Dua Direct (online purchase) members and absolutely free for Dua Store members.

Certification to prove authenticity is also a service offered by DuaVivo. However, this is a chargeable service for all members. Also, confidentiality is maintained for Dua Store customers with our concierge services, and fake products are dealt with immediately. *Check our consignment T&C for more details.

Want to give a second life to luxury goods? Make DuaVivo your first choice.

Buy pre-loved luxury goods from Bally, Burberry, Carl F Bucherer, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and more.

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