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Kashish InFiore

Even before stepping inside, Kashish Infioré establishes its presence with an architecturally advanced exterior structure of sleek glass panels with one third of the structure penetrating natural light. Radiating a feeling of modernism and elegance, combined with a classic vintage decor, the exterior invites the community to experience a revived neighbourhood emporium. Kashish Infioré literally meaning ‘blossomed charm’ institutes itself fittingly well in Hughes Road. It houses a lavish collection of pret, trousseau and couture. It also curates a diverse range of footwear, bags and jewellery. The interiors of the store resonate with the range; dignified and absolute. The elephantine size allows you to have a private yet varietal shopping experience. The store houses an array of popular fashion designers from all over the country. It also provides an opportunity for new talent to showcase themselves. The framework of the store has been designed in such an incredible way that every designer’s collection exhibits its own creativity and vision. Newness and instinct are key elements for Kashish Infioré. The exquisite store gives you a complete affair of traditional and present-day. Clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery being effortlessly complimented make it easy on the eyes. Kashish Infioré offers a range at approachable prices, all delivering a compelling combination of fashion, quality and value.

Kashish Infiore Store Kundanmal House 67, Hughes Road, Opposite Mercedes Benz, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007 022-23613111
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