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Kobe Sizzlers

Heritage a fantastic culinary experience is synonymous with a name that has been Mumbai’s delight for over three decades. Kobe Sizzlers spreads its relishing new look across a chain of restaurants, backed by the promise of consistent quality and ambience, with the use of pristine local ingredients to deliver superbly conceived dishes offering modern interpretations and time tested classics alike. Creating loyalty across major cities in India and moving ahead to borders internationally offering value-for-money cuisine.

So what is a sizzler? It is a combination of meat/fish and veggies, grilled, fried, sautéed and served! The aromatic experience of ingredients being cooked on a hot iron plate that sizzles while on its way to your table, tickles the palate in 40 varieties. Ensuring a good meal is much more that great food, but an experience to a pleasant memory.

The best are the steaks and French fries. But it can be had in any other delicious combination.

Menu Mix Sizzlers are a unique combination of fun food & fully satisfying meal and therefore appeal to all types of restaurant goers.

Lamb Shashlick
Sizzling Chicken Garlic
Chicken Sausage Sizzler in the
Paneer Shashlick
Garlic Mushroom
Exotic Veg Sizzlers
After the sizzling main course, take your pick of the desserts. Sizzling brownies, caramel custard and tiramisu are some of the sweets you may savour at Kobe.
Service Kobe is a reasonably- priced, satisfying, value-for-money food experience.
Our business thrives on the working person and family customer, also providing a good hang out place for teenagers and youth, who want to enjoy a meal or just a salad quickly in a clean comfortable atmosphere. With quick service and a very flexible menu, orders are prepared almost immediately with fresh made products, both hot and cold. All of our menu items are top quality ingredients and prepared specially for our operations. While looking into the service experience, the service design looks at the customers and their needs, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and associations and evoke an experience unique to Kobe.