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SPORTXS celebrates one of the oldest human activities - sports. As a retail brand, SPORTXS creates a well organized and pulsating environment that at present showcases over 6000 products across 32 sport categories and 60 brands. As a brand idea, SPORTXS has created a platform for sport lovers, enthusiasts and professionals alike to come together and share their common passion.

The Visual Identity
The brand is represented by a simple logo which creates a unique identity system and visual language. The Logo was designed in a very clean bold lettering form and the three colored Triangles are added to give the youthful element to the image

Simple retail principals of methodical classification; Eye Catching Display, Genuine Products, Product Information, Dedicated Enquiry Counters, Product Search Engines, and Efficient Customer Services will make SPORTXS a pleasurable experience. A very welcoming "PLAY AREA", and high energy environment will ensure that customers are spending lots of time in the store and absorbing the information available to them.

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